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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Singapore Update: February 18

Tina has been declared medically fit to be Ethan’s liver donor! Praise God! There is just one more interview for the Fajardo family to go through and that is with the Singapore Ministry of Health representatives, slated on February 26. They are the ones who will give the final approval for the transplant to take place. God-willing, the target date for the liver transplant is on March 5 or 6.

As of now, the Fajardos are preparing themselves physically for the big date. Ethan was given vaccines and is taking additional vitamins to nourish his body, hopefully making him stronger. Tina is taking much needed rest and also physically preparing for the procedure. Geoff was advised to take four kinds of medications for his lung condition in the next six months to prevent possible infections to his family. Pray for their physical condition—for optimal good health in the coming days. Most importantly, pray that Geoff and Tina will be emotionally and spiritually equipped and nourished for more challenges ahead.

The cost of living in Singapore is a test of faith for the Fajardos. But the Lord never fails to encourage them along the way. Ate Neri Mamburam (their host) continues to be very kind, generous and hospitable. Geoff’s niece, Deb, and Ansen Li, have been very helpful, especially in running errands for them. Then there’s one specialist (a pastor’s son) who told the Fajardos during one medical visit, “Since you are missionaries, I will waive my fee. And I will pray that everything will be ok.” Thank God for they were able to save S$200 on that consultation fee! Let’s continue to ask God for more compassionate and generous specialists/surgeons.

Financial Challenge: the hospital, ACLDT, needs to receive S$120,000 (plus 7% GST) by February 26 in order for the transplant to take place on March 5 or 6. Family and friends are raising the much-needed amount by challenging individuals, foundations and organizations. Please pray that the Lord will abundantly supply the amount by February 23. Pray for favorable responses from prospective donors.


  1. We praise the Lord for this good news. Thank God for this site that keeps us updated. We will continue to pray and hope in the Lord. God bless you Geof, Tina, and Ethan!

  2. Ethan looks so happy! It's always a joy to see his smiling face. We are committed to pray for you, Fajardo family. May the Lord provide for every need abundantly and on time! :D

  3. Fajadros are always in my mind and prayer! From George Ha