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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December 1, 2010 check-up update in Singapore

"Ethan is fine, he is a very fine boy!" Those are the first words from a straight-forward Dr. Lee Kang Hoe, Ethan's physician at the Liver Centre. 

Complete blood test & ultrasound showed positive improvements of his liver functions as well as blood count & renal functions. There is a constant drop from elevated to normal level of liver enzymes which is a good sign that Tina's liver inside Ethan's tummy is functioning well & absorbing nutrients.

Although the liver & spleen are still not within normal sizes, it will take sometime to achieve that. His medicines are significantly tapered down. Hopefully, this will promote physical growth since steroids impedes it.

His pediatrician, Dr. Nancy Tan, enthusiastically gave practical guidelines in caring & feeding Ethan. She is very encouraged to see Ethan actively playing & walking around. Ethan warmly gives her high fives & flying kisses & gamely dances to the song "My God is so great so strong & so mighty..."

One thing remains is to keep him from crowded places, from touching animals & plants, and from kids especially those who are sick & had live vaccinations. 

Ethan did not enjoy the blood extractions & ultrasound but excitedly charms nurses & aunties. Our next consultation is within 4-6 months' time depending on his blood test next month at St. Luke's.

Meanwhile, Tina's test showed a well-functioning liver. She is very healthy, indeed. Praise our Savior!

Thank you for fervently praying.
1. Continuous growth, healing and protection.
2. Last Dec. 10, he passed fresh blood in his stools. Pray that there is no internal bleeding specifically in the liver.
Provision for routine check ups & medication.