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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Singapore Update: February 28

Truly, God is in control. The Ministry of Health approved the transplant procedure and Ethan will receive his new liver on March 10!

As the day of Ethan's transplant draws near, we continue to be amazed by God's faithfulness and provisions for the Fajardo family. Ethan's journey has allowed us to see the reality of God's awesome grace and sustaining presence. Prayers are being answered and doors are being opened. We continue to see God's miracles through His timely and abundant provision. And we are excited to see God's marvelous works as the miracle story of Ethan unfolds.

On February 26, Geoffrey, Tina, and Ethan underwent the assessment procedure of the Ethics Committee of Singapore's Ministry of Health. Dr. KC Tan's team presented Ethan's case to the ministry representatives, hospital GM, and board representatives and officers. Tina and Geof were interviewed individually. When Tina was asked if there's a chance that she would change her mind about being the liver donor, she said, "...I no longer want to see my baby suffer or experience discomfort and pain. I want to give him a chance to live and have a normal life..."

One of the committee members remarked that, "God must be in control of everything... bringing you here." Another committee member touched Ethan's head before the Fajardos left and said, "God bless you and make you well... you'll be running when we see you again."

After the interview, blood tests were administered on Ethan. The results indicate that Ethan's condition is stable, except for his low albumin level, which continues to cause him to have a big tummy. The build-up of fluid in Ethan's stomach will cause difficulties during operation, and one of Ethan's doctors, Dr. Lee, advised that Ethan might need an albumin transfusion a few days before the transplant.

Please continue to pray for the Fajardos. If Ethan's albumin level doesn't improve, then, the transfusion on March 8 will be necessary. Please also pray that Ethan will continue to feed well. Mommy Tina's ecstatic that baby Ethan is allowed to have ice cream, as this is a good source of calories. Ethan had his first ice cream on his 11th month birthday celebration last February 27!

As of February 26, 80% of the total amount needed for the transplant process has been received and paid to the hospital. This is enough to pay for the actual cost of the transplant. We are waiting for the remaining 20% that have been pledged to cover some of the after transplant expenses and medicine bills to come in the next few days.

Again, we are overflowing with thanks to our God for His provision. Join us in trusting God for His provision for whatever other needs that may come up.

In the next three weeks, let's ask our great God to pour out insurmountable miracles upon Ethan's life. Please join us, as we pray...

... that God will guide the hands of the doctors who will perform the transplant.
... that God will strengthen Ethan's body so that he can handle all the procedures that will be administered on him.
... that Tina and Ethan will be in excellent health, especially in the days leading to the transplant.
... that God will strengthen and sustain Tina as she undergoes major surgery to donate her liver.
... that there will be no complications for Ethan and Tina, and for immediate healing for Tina.
... that Ethan's body will not reject the liver.
... that God will bless Geoff with strength, good health, and wisdom as he cares for and attends to the needs of Tina and Ethan.
... that God will bless the family with the right people who will assist them during the transplant recovery time.
... for spiritual, emotional, physical, mental, and other preparations as the transplant date draws near.
... for God's continuous provisions for the family's post-transplant needs.
… that the clotting time or the PTT (partial thromboplastin time) of ethan will be lesser (shorter). The Vit K he gets injection weekly helps with this.. that his body will absorb it well.

Barely a year old, Ethan -- without actually knowing or being fully aware of all that's happening -- is already a living testimony of God's tremendous love and faithfulness. The process may be long and really faith-stretching but we are grateful that God has made you a part of Ethan's journey. Thank you for being a part of Ethan's life.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Singapore Update: February 18

Tina has been declared medically fit to be Ethan’s liver donor! Praise God! There is just one more interview for the Fajardo family to go through and that is with the Singapore Ministry of Health representatives, slated on February 26. They are the ones who will give the final approval for the transplant to take place. God-willing, the target date for the liver transplant is on March 5 or 6.

As of now, the Fajardos are preparing themselves physically for the big date. Ethan was given vaccines and is taking additional vitamins to nourish his body, hopefully making him stronger. Tina is taking much needed rest and also physically preparing for the procedure. Geoff was advised to take four kinds of medications for his lung condition in the next six months to prevent possible infections to his family. Pray for their physical condition—for optimal good health in the coming days. Most importantly, pray that Geoff and Tina will be emotionally and spiritually equipped and nourished for more challenges ahead.

The cost of living in Singapore is a test of faith for the Fajardos. But the Lord never fails to encourage them along the way. Ate Neri Mamburam (their host) continues to be very kind, generous and hospitable. Geoff’s niece, Deb, and Ansen Li, have been very helpful, especially in running errands for them. Then there’s one specialist (a pastor’s son) who told the Fajardos during one medical visit, “Since you are missionaries, I will waive my fee. And I will pray that everything will be ok.” Thank God for they were able to save S$200 on that consultation fee! Let’s continue to ask God for more compassionate and generous specialists/surgeons.

Financial Challenge: the hospital, ACLDT, needs to receive S$120,000 (plus 7% GST) by February 26 in order for the transplant to take place on March 5 or 6. Family and friends are raising the much-needed amount by challenging individuals, foundations and organizations. Please pray that the Lord will abundantly supply the amount by February 23. Pray for favorable responses from prospective donors.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Singapore: Day One

The Fajardo family arrived in Singapore on February 7 (Sunday). The flight to Changi airport went smoothly -- Ethan ate well while at the Manila airport, and was relaxed and quiet on the plane. He even fell asleep!

Praise God for His provision of two free round trip tickets for the Fajardos. Thank God also for the stewardesses who were extremely friendly in assisting Grandma and Tina during the flight-- as Tina didn't feel well while on the plane.

Ms. Neri Mamburam, Deb (Geoff's niece), and Ansen Li picked the Fajardos up from the airport. They are now staying at Ate Neri's home (thank God for her hospitality)... The house is especially nice and clean---perfect for Ethan's condition!

On Monday, the family will meet with one of the doctors who is facilitating the tests for Ethan. Tina will have her re-assessment done on Tuesday (Singaporean doctors will perform a second round of tests to confirm her donor qualifications -- this is a standard practice for ACLDT).

Please pray for Tina and Ethan-- that they won't get sick. Also, for quick and accurate tests for Ethan.

Please continue to pray for God's abundant provisions. A significant amount is still needed to cover the cost of the transplant and the after care.

PS. ACLDT means "Asian Centre For Liver Diseases & Transplantation"

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Flying to Singapore this Sunday (Feb 7)

Moving On To The Next Phase of Ethan’s Journey...with faith in our good God in the midst of uncertainties.

On Sunday, February 7, baby Ethan together with his parents Geoff and Tina are set to fly to Singapore for the next phase of his journey. The specialist doctors in the Asian Centre for Liver Diseases & Transplantation in Singapore will be assessing his health situation --- doing a battery of tests on him to evaluate and prepare him for the liver transplantation.

Tina, the most likely liver donor candidate, will also go through a set of tests and screening to determine if she is fit to donate part of her liver to Ethan. Tina was given the clearance and was recommended by the doctors in Manila to be the liver donor after a series of tests. Geoff was disqualified because of his lung condition. Ansen Li, a Singaporean friend of the family, was also disqualified because of his liver condition.

The family is now preparing for their trip and for the possible liver transplantation soon. Please pray for their emotional, physically and spiritual preparation. Pray too for strength as they attend to the many details related to this trip and process of transplantation.

The family still needs around 3 Million pesos for the the transplant and after care. Pray that God will pour in the needed finances for this process. Pray that God will move in the hearts of the decision makers in the foundations we are approaching...for favorable decisions and significant amounts of money to be given to Ethan’s transplant.

How is Ethan doing? He had a fever which has already subsided. His tummy is getting bigger; and hernia is back. He will be seeing another doctor before they fly to Singapore.