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Sunday, December 13, 2009

How is Ethan doing?

Ethan continues to be a jolly baby despite his liver condition. Geoff and Tina are making sure he gets the best nutrition possible by giving him food and supplements round the clock. Signs of his damaged liver are evident like acholic stools (grayish and white stools), bloated tummy because of ascites (fluid build-up), yellowish skin and eyes, malnourishment (thin arms and legs), enlarged liver and spleen, umbilical hernia, and a few others.

The coordinator for the liver transplant in the Singapore hospital said that “with a high bilirubin level at 371umol/L and low albumin at 2.0, Ethan would need a transplant soon.”

Geoff and Tina are in the process of preparing for the transplantation by going through initial assessments as possible donors for Ethan.

Continue to join us as we trust God for complete healing of Ethan’s liver in His way... either without needing a transplant or through a transplant.

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