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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year... New Hope

A happy and blessed new year to you!

The past year had been a year of blessings and trials for the Fajardo family. Through it all, God had been faithful in sustaining them and honoring Geoffrey and Tina's desire to honor Him through their experience.

The fund raising for Ethan continues. God has graciously blessed generous and good-hearted individuals and groups to give for Ethan's transplant-- and we praise Him for them, praying that God will bless them even more. 24.18% of our target has been reached thus far... And we are praying and trusting God to bring in the remaining amount so that baby Ethan can receive his new liver.

Please also continue to pray for Ethan. Increased medicine dosages, along with new medicines, are being administered to Ethan in order to address the fluid build-up in his tummy. Please also pray that his liver will not deteriorate further.

Tests are still being administered on Geoffrey. It is the family's fervent hope that he will pass the donor tests with flying colors...

This truly is a faith stretching time... The enormous need of the family is not beyond God's capacity to fill. We pray that He will help us reach more people and foundations who will join Ethan's journey... and be instruments of His miraculous work.

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  1. We'll be mobilizing prayers for Ethan here in Dumaguete City. Trusting the Lord with you for his miracle! We love you. :D