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Monday, April 5, 2010

Ethan's Ready to Go Home!

Praise God! Ethan's blood tests on April 5 proved to be extremely good and encouraging. Not all are at normal levels yet, but we're steadily getting there.
  • Bilirubin normal @ 26 (0-26 umol/L) - Feb 8 was 356. Everyday, it decreases. That's why his eyes are whiter and his skin is fairer now.
  • Liver enzymes are getting to normal levels: SGPT 45 (normal 0-40), SGOT 76 (normal 3-40), Albumin 32 (normal 37-51)
  • CBC is good; platelet @ 135 now (normal 140-460).
  • Electrolytes @ normal levels. This is the renal dysfunction indicator. Na 139 (normal 135-150), K 4.4 (normal 3.3-5.0)
  • His wounds (surgery cut, central line, ex-drain hole) are dry.
Ethan's taking 7 different types of medicines- ranging from immuno-suppressants to steroids and blood pressure medications- daily. Doctors are already lowering the dosage of steroids.

Even more exciting is that... Ethan is ready to be discharged from the hospital on April 6! Praise the Lord!

Tina is also doing good. She is regaining voice, mobility & strength. She can already walk short distances slowly. God continues to sustain her and Geoff as they take care of Ethan.

Our God truly is amazing! His faithfulness and love never fails! Do continue to remember the Fajardos in your prayers! Thank you for helping make the journey less difficult for Ethan and his family!


  1. Praise the Lord! Whenever I see the improvement of little Ethan, I can't stop thanking Lord for the miracles happening on Ethan.

    From George Ha

  2. galing! praise the Lord for the improvement and for the good lab values (as if naiintindihan ko talaga.. hehe..).. its so encouraging.
    -rj de vera

  3. A month ago my 5-month-old nephew is also diagnosed with biliary atresia. Like Ethan, he needs to undergo liver transplant. We're now in the process of raising the funds for the operation.

    Reading through this blog raised our hopes that we will be able to surpass the same problem.. pls pray for us, too.