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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Donor Screening Update (Jan 21)

We continue to praise God for what he has provided and continues to provide. To date, we have reached approximately 45% of the target amount. We really appreciate everyone's support on this, big and small, they all count.

How is the donor screening test going?

* Geoffrey had lung problems years ago, and the doctors want to confirm that he is fit to donate his liver. They did a lung biopsy a
week ago, but not enough tissues were secured. Another biopsy was scheduled today (Jan 20 - Manila time), and we are still awaiting the results. Please continue to pray for a quick recovery. He will be resting the whole week and can't exert much effort.

* Tina is undergoing blood tests and other laboratory procedures, as part of "Step Two" of the potential donor screening process. Pray for accurate and positive results. They will receive the results of the tests conducted on Tina later this week and will go back to the doctor to be assessed and hopefully get clearance/recommendation for "Step 3" of the process.

* Geoffrey's brother has been disqualified as a potential donor.

How is Ethan doing?

* Ethan's spleen has become a little smaller! Praise the Lord for this. He is very active, can roll over now and continues to be a happy baby. Pray that his health condition will continue to improve---for his body to absorb all the nutrients--- in preparation for the transplant.

What are the next steps from a funding perspective?

* Pray for the foundations we are approaching for funding...that God will grant us favor and for this foundations to give substantial amounts for the transplant.

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